Welcome to
Shroom Sabha

Welcome to Shroom Sabha, India's first mushroom festival, and a unique celebration of the fascinating world of fungi! Join us for four days of science, art, music, lifestyle and wellness in the mycoverse as we embark on fungi forays to explore the fungal diversity of the Western Ghats, learn how to identify and cultivate mushrooms, and harness the power of citizen science.

Day 1
15 September 2023

Settle in, connect, click, and learn!

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Day 2
16 September 2023

Forage, experiment, cook, and make merry!

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Day 3
17 September 2023

Cultivate, fabricate, engage, and explore!

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Day 4
18 September 2023

Wind down, contemplate, process, and bid adieu!

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Wayanad, Kerala

Periya Reserve Forest

Join us on the outskirts of the Periya Reserved forest range in the district of Wayanad in Kerala. You’ll stay in the eco-friendly palm and stone cottages, enjoy wholesome meals made from fresh and local produce, and find peace in the calm and tranquillity in one of the world's eight "hottest hotspots" of biodiversity.

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HariKrishnan MT
Hari is microbiologist by profession and mycologist by passion. An identification expert, Hari has been a part of the global mushroom identification community for years, helping mycophiles identify their finds. Hari holds regular mushroom identification master classes for aspiring mycologists, and ushering in the citizen science revolution in India. His favourite mushroom is Amanita muscaria, the classic bright red mushroom with white spots that draws people to the world of fungi, and makes them want to learn more.
Jashid Hameed
A mushroom nerd, permaculturist, retail guru and nutrition seeker, Jashid is committed to spreading the nutritive and therapeutic properties of mushrooms while building an ecosystem of trust with the community. As a co-founder of Nuvedo, a functional mushroom brand, he has brought together his love for people, his passion for technology and his roots in agriculture. His favourite mushroom is reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), for its hardiness and versatility!
Malavika is a public educator bringing fungi to the people, and the people to fungi. They host urban fungi forays, examining the interplay of community and ecology. Their work intertwines mycology and queer theory with the aim of fostering a community of mycophiles across India, creating space for scientific learning and novel interpretations of our shared ecology. Their favourite mushroom is Schizophyllum commune, one that has 23,000 different ‘genders’ and represents queerness in the natural world.
Neeladri Chowdhury
A serial experimentalist and biologist, Neeladri grew fascinated by fungi in the Appalachian mountains, where hundreds of mushrooms seemed to spring up out of nowhere every fall. His work focuses on combining a deep understanding of biological processes with physical and chemical phenomena to bring the marvels of nature into your homes through the development of new technologies. His work with Nuvedo aims to unlock the hidden potential of the fungal kingdom. His favourite mushroom is Lion’s mane, whose extracts have the potential to promote nerve growth and regeneration.
Prithvi Kini
An entrepreneur, yoga practitioner, and mental health advocate, Prithvi has spent her time studying and observing the therapeutic and healing benefits of mushrooms. As a co-founder of Nuvedo, a functional mushroom brand, she has a vision for people to take back control of their nutrition and wellness through mushrooms. Her work aims to connect traditional farming communities of India to the current mushroom revolution. Her favourite mushroom is Daldinia concentrica, which may look like a tree burr from afar, but is unique in its beauty and utility as a fire-starter.
Sharad Rai
Sharad is a multidisciplinary researcher and citizen scientist who has been pioneering the research and development of myco-materials, sustainable materials grown from fungi. He maintains one of the largest private type fungi culture banks with over 120 species of native and exotic fungi! In his free time, he likes to grow his own food, connecting his focus on applied mycology with his passion for urban farming. His favourite mushroom is Ganoderma Lucidum, for its sheer range of uses, from medicine to material!
Sibby Varghese
Sibby has carved his own unique path through the realms of travel and adventure. If you spot a figure gracefully suspended in mid-air, that's him, defying the laws of gravity and performing jaw-dropping acts of balance and audacity while climbing boulders and slacklining. A modern-day Indiana Jones, Sibby has been navigating uncharted territories of innovation across industries, transforming boardrooms into playful wonderlands or infusing meetings with impromptu dance parties. His favourite mushrooms are bioluminescent ones like Mycena chlorophos, which naturally glow in the darkness of the jungle.
Sreekanth Kaleeswaran
With diverse experience in the food and beverage and IT industries, Sreekanth always dreamed of hosting a mushroom festival, which is now coming to fruition. A gourmand and avid home chef, Sree is also working towards building zero-waste practices and sustainable strategies in Nuvedo's outreach programs. He is a firm believer in the medicinal properties of mushrooms and hopes to make them accessible to the public for mental health and wellness. His favourite mushroom is the morel (Morchella sp.), elusive and hard to find, but extremely delicious and worth the hunt!
Sumit Sharan
A first-generation farmer, Sumit is the founder of Shroomery, an urban mushroom farm close to Delhi. He is passionate about discovering new ingredients and understanding how they are grown, and his farm now cultivates over 10 varieties of mushrooms! His mission with Shroomery is to open up the fascinating world of fungi in its myriad ways to as many people as possible. His favourite mushroom is the shiitake (Lentinula edodes), which is edible and cultivable, with a complex life cycle and eccentric preferences.
Vhyom Bhatt
A true Myco-Nomad, Vhyom has spent the last few years exploring the world of fungi and wild foraging in the Himalayas and beyond. While living in Auroville, he learned about alternative farming practices that merge with permaculture. Now, his work focuses on mushroom ID and education, and as the Head of Cultivation at Nuvedo, his mission is to use mycology for sustainability. His favourite mushrooms are Russulas, colourful and diverse, some of which are edible, and all of which contribute to forest health!


Join us for three days of science, art, music, lifestyle and wellness
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Ticketing and Payments
Festival Specifics
Festival Guidelines

How do I get to the festival?

The festival, held at Oxyfarm Resort, Wayanad, is easily accessible by road, so you can drive on down, or take a bus or cab from Kannur International Airport or Thalessery Railway Station. KSRTC buses to Mananthavady via Periya will bring you to Periya Junction, a stone’s throw away from Oxyfarm.  The exact location and directions will be provided with your ticket.

Is parking available?

There is limited parking available, and carpooling or using public transportation is encouraged to minimize environmental impact. However, if you prefer to drive down, details regarding parking locations and fees will be provided closer to the festival date.

What are the on-site accommodations?

You will be staying in eco-friendly cottages, which accommodate 4 to a room. If you are keen to room with your group, we encourage you to make your ticket purchases in a single order.

Can I bring my pet?

No, pets are not allowed at the festival. However, service dogs are permitted, and we kindly ask you to email us to discuss accommodations.

Is the space accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, the festival grounds are wheelchair accessible. We have designated accessible parking spots, ramps, and accessible restrooms to ensure a comfortable experience for wheelchair users.

Can I buy a ticket onsite?

No, tickets will not be available for purchase on-site. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance through our official website.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on ticket purchases. All sales are final.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Generally, ticket transfers are not permitted. However, if there are any mitigating circumstances, please send us an email explaining your situation, and we will assess it on a case-by-case basis.

Is there an ATM nearby?

There is no ATM on the festival premises. The nearest ATM is located several kilometers away. We suggest bringing sufficient cash for your needs, and our on-site vendors also accept UPI payments.

What are the food and beverage arrangements?

We will be serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, comprising of wholesome, local, vegetarian fare. There will also be healthy snacks available to purchase throughout the day. Please email us about accommodations for dairy and gluten-free options.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines for foraging or collecting mushrooms during the festival?

We follow strict ethical foraging guidelines which follow an honour code. When foraging, we only forage 10% of the visible specimens of any one species. Aside from a few choice edibles, we will only be foraging a few of each species we encounter for educational and exploratory purposes.

Is smoking/vaping permitted?

Smoking and vaping are not allowed on the festival premises. We kindly ask attendees to respect this policy and refrain from smoking or vaping within the grounds of the premises.

Is there a map, schedule, and festival program?

Yes, upon arrival, you will receive a festival program containing a map, schedule of activities, and information about various performances and workshops. You can also find this information on our website and social media platforms prior to the event.

Code of Conduct:

Respect fellow attendees and festival staff. Harassment, discrimination, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Use inclusive language and be mindful of the diverse community present.

Follow all local laws and regulations.

Consume alcohol and substances responsibly, if permitted.

Adhere to the festival’s designated smoking areas, if applicable.

Environmental Responsibility:

Help keep the festival grounds clean by using designated waste and recycling bins.

Conserve water and electricity by using them responsibly.

Avoid open fires or unauthorized use of flammable materials.

Respect nature and the surrounding environment. Leave no trace.

Legal Compliance:

Abide by all local laws and regulations regarding the possession, consumption, and distribution of drugs and alcohol.

Note that the festival has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal substances.

Prohibited Substances:

Possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs or unauthorized substances is strictly prohibited.

Do not bring any illegal drugs or substances onto the festival grounds.

Attendees found in possession or under the influence of illegal substances may be subject to eviction and legal consequences.

Personal Safety:

Be aware of potential risks associated with wild mushrooms and follow safety guidelines provided by experts.

Follow the instructions of guides or experts during guided mushroom walks or foraging activities.

Do not engage in any activities that may endanger yourself or others.

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