September 16, 2023

The Mycelium Flow by SKaSTA Yoga

Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature as you awaken your body and mind, guided by Whitney of SKaSTA Yoga. Within our enchanting surroundings, this early morning practice combines gentle yoga poses, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques to connect with the healing energy of the ghats. Join us for a revitalizing experience that harmonizes the power of yoga with the mystical lessons of mycelium.

Spore Safari: A Fungi Foray

Take a walk on the wild side with our experienced mushroom rangers. Stroll into the mesmerizing hills of Wayanad and forage for some of the shyest denizens of the ghats. Mushrooms lurk close to the ground, under the cover of bushes, leaves and twigs. It takes a trained eye not only to spot them but to identify the different species. Try your luck at spotting a tiny Marasmius growing on a single dry leaf or the magnificent Ganoderma basking in the sunlight atop a tree trunk.


What’s in A Name? Advances in Taxonomy and Phylogeny

Humans have been trying to name mushrooms for centuries. The relative youth of the field of mycology, and the difficulty in distinguishing mushrooms from slight alone, makes naming them a difficult task. From early classifications by Linnaeus to modern genetic advancements, we’ll delve into how morphology and DNA analysis have shaped the taxonomy of fungi. Understanding naming conventions will help you make quicker identifications in the field! 

Framing Fungi: Mushroom Photography Masterclass

Calling all photography enthusiasts! Elevate your skills to new heights in this masterclass. Learn the art of capturing the mesmerizing beauty of fungi through expert guidance and hands-on practice. From composition and lighting techniques to showcasing the intricate details of mushrooms, this immersive workshop will transform your snapshots into stunning works of art, allowing you to frame fungi in a whole new light.

Prep for Down to Basics: Low-Tech Mushroom Cultivation

Get your hands in the hay as we process waste materials for cultivation with Adam from Grow the Funguy!

Nature’s Apothecary: Medicinal Mushrooms 101

Discover the ancient and modern applications of medicinal mushrooms in this comprehensive session. Delve into the healing properties and health benefits of various mushroom species, like reishi, lion’s mane, turkey tail and many more, including their immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects. From traditional herbal medicine to cutting-edge research, this event provides a holistic overview of the therapeutic potential of these remarkable fungi.

Masterchef: Mycoverse Edition with OG Mushrooms 

Mushrooms come in all textures and flavours. Some are great for stewing while others are better rapidly stir-fried with a bit of butter, salt, and pepper. Explore a wide range of culinary mushrooms and some common ways of preparing them, while learning what flavours pair with them best. Walk away with a greater appreciation for their culinary diversity and a newly developed recipe or two!

Seeing the Unseen: Mushroom Microscopy, Sample Collection & Slide Prep

 There’s more to a mushroom than meets the eye. While they look quite stunning as a whole, their true beauty lies in the many features invisible to the naked eye. Following the successful hunt in our Spore Safari, we aim to dissect and appreciate the finer features of these fantastic fungi. Get hands-on with slicing, staining and sealing your preferred mushroom on glass slides followed by their microscopic investigation. There’s no better way to see the cellular organisation of their gills, and hey you may even see a spore or hundred.


Jungle Tunes: Music of the Ghats with Bonny Abraham, Udukku and XenKat

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of nature with an unforgettable musical journey. Join Bonny (composer, multi-instrumentalist and cultural fusionist), Udukku (percussionist and music therapist) and XenKat (multi-instrumentalist and musical polymath) as they blend the rich harmonies of indigenous instruments with the rustling leaves and chirping birds. Experience the magic of music that resonates with the heart of the wilderness, creating a symphony that celebrates the captivating rhythms of the natural world.

Fire Show by Indie Flow

Join Yacobeh and Beri of IndieFlow, who blend together fire performance and flow arts in a unique session inspired by the rhythmic flows of the Western Ghats! Engage all your senses in the flow, open your mind, and let the inspiration flow through you in this innovative jam session!


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