About Us

Welcome to Shroom Sabha, India's first mushroom festival! We are excited to have you join us for a unique celebration of the fascinating world of fungi. Shroom Sabha is a labor of love, developed to create an immersive and engaging experience for all. For the next three days, we will embark on fungi forays to explore the fungal diversity of the Periya Reserved Forest Range, learn how to identify and cultivate mushrooms, explore the latest in mycology research with experts and understand the power of citizen science. For a bit of fun, you can test your knowledge of fungi in our quizzes and put your culinary skills to the test in our cooking competition using foraged and farmed mushrooms, put on your artist’s apron to make some myco-crafts, and of course, sing, dance, and make merry! We hope you have a wonderful time at our fungi festival and leave with a newfound appreciation for these incredible organisms. Thank you for joining us!

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