Periya Reserve Forest

The Periya Reserve Forest which surrounds Oxyfarm, forms the major watershed of two important rivers of Kerala: the Periyar and the Pamba. Made up of tropical, evergreen, and deciduous trees, this unique ecosystem is home to rare, endemic, and endangered flora, fauna, and funga. Aside from the Asian Elephant and Bengal Tiger, it supports dozens of other rare plants and animals such as Travancore flying squirrel, the Nilgiri marten, and the Malabar gliding frog. Bird-watchers can spot some of the 266 species of birds that call the Periya Forest their home. You may also spot one of the 166 butterfly taxa that can be found in the forest, including South India's largest butterfly, the southern birdwing which has a wing-span of 14-19 cm!

Western Ghats

The Western Ghats, running along the western coast of India, are known for their rich biodiversity. The region is recognized as one of the world's eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity, and is home to thousands of plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. The region also has a high concentration of fungi, with over 1,500 known species. Attending our forays, you will find dozens of common species such as split gills and stinkhorns, as well as some rare ones like the bioluminescent Mycena chlorophos! The fungi of the Western Ghats play an important role in maintaining the health and diversity of the region's ecosystems. They are involved in nutrient cycling, decomposition, and symbiotic relationships with plants. At ShrooSa, we aim to honour their role in the ecosystem, while learning more about them, and celebrating the excitement and wonder they bring to our lives!

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