September 17, 2023

SlackWalk: Line Balance

Engage all your senses with a thrilling slacklining challenge!

 Poi & Dapostar Workshop Indie Flow

Sometimes our minds get in our way. Learn how to break free from the 4 dimensions and channel your inner creativity with a careless abandon in this fun, freeform session with maestros of movement, Yacobeh and BERI of Indie Flow!

Spore Safari: A Fungi Foray

Take a walk on the wild side with our experienced mushroom rangers. Stroll into the mesmerizing hills of Wayanad and forage for some of the shyest denizens of the forest. Mushrooms lurk close to the ground, under the cover of bushes, leaves and twigs. It takes a trained eye not only to spot them but to identify the different species. Try your luck at spotting a tiny Marasmius growing on a single dry leaf or the magnificent Ganoderma basking in the sunlight atop a tree trunk.

Fab-Lab: Introduction to Mycomaterials by Mycotrix

Step into a more sustainable future in this workshop as we explore mycelia’s extraordinary ability to create biodegradable and renewable materials. From hands-on experimentation to the underlying principles of mycelium-based fabrication, this event is a gateway to the innovative world of mycomaterials, where fungi offer a promising solution for sustainable products and construction.

Mycelium and the Mind: The Psilocybin Mushroom Dialogue

Join Dr. Gokul, a physician and psychedelic researcher as he unravels the mechanisms by which psilocybin reveals our innermost being. Engage in an interactive conversation on Psilocybin therapy and the regulations surrounding it. An unmissable session with a deep dive into the realm of psychotherapy and the role mushrooms can play in improving our mental health.

The Foraged Feast: Wild Edible Mushrooms of India

Engage in an interactive session as we celebrate the diverse array of wild edible mushrooms found in India, as well as the flavours and cultural significance of these regional delicacies. From identification tips to cooking techniques, this experience offers a feast for the senses and a deeper appreciation for the bountiful gifts of nature. 


Down to Basics: Low-Tech Mushroom Cultivation by Grow the Funguy

Do you wish to grow your own mushrooms? Think it requires extensive and expensive equipment in a complicated set-up that will have even your engineering friends baffled? In this session, mycelium maestro Adam will teach you just how easy it is to grow mushrooms in your own home with minimal infrastructure. A little technology can go a long way when it comes to farming your own mushrooms. You’ll be surprised at how easy it really is! 

Mapping the Global Mushroom Industry by Dennis Walker

Prepare for a one-of-a-kind journey through the captivating world of mushrooms entrepreneurship, with a comedic twist! Join satirist Dennis Walker of the Mycopreneur Podcast for a laughter-filled exploration of the global mushroom business. Discover mushroom diversity, industry hotspots, financial insights, and exciting opportunities, all served with Dennis’s signature humor.


Magic of Mushrooms: Beyond (un)Reality

Prepare to be amazed in the mystery session!

Mushroom Mardi Gras

Don your most whimsical attire and immerse yourself in an evening of festivity and revelry. Dance the night away, mingle with fellow enthusiasts, and let the magic of this mushroom masquerade transport you to a realm where imagination and reality entwine!

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