September 15, 2023


Mycelial Expressions: Art Jam 

Add to a collaborative canvas of mycelial artwork, any time the inspiration strikes!

Welcome Hour: Reishi Tea Ceremony

Allow us to welcome you to Shroom Sabha 2023 with a Reishi Tea Ceremony. Join us to sip, savor, and set the tone for an enchanting mycological adventure ahead. As you sip on this elixir of calm, take the opportunity to connect with fellow mushroom enthusiasts, forging new friendships and sharing the excitement of our shared mycological passion. It’s not just a tea ceremony; it’s a chance to get to know each other and begin this mycelial journey together.

Entheomycology: Mushrooms, Mystics, Mythos, and More

Join us for an immersive exploration of entheomycology, a field that explores the spiritual and sacred uses of mushrooms. Uncover the ancient rituals and spiritual traditions surrounding these enigmatic fungi, as we delve into their cultural significance and therapeutic potential. From historical accounts to contemporary research, this event offers a multidimensional perspective on the intersection of mushrooms and human consciousness.


The Forager’s Guide to the Mycoverse: Identification Masterclass

Get your head in the game with this comprehensive masterclass as we demystify the art of mushroom identification. Join our expert mycologists and learn to navigate the mycoverse with confidence. From understanding key identification features to distinguishing edible species from poisonous ones, this masterclass equips you with the skills to forage safely and appreciate the rich diversity of mushrooms in our surroundings. 


Kaun Banega Shroom-pati: A Myco Quiz 

So you think you know all about mushrooms? Test your knowledge at our mushroom-themed quiz, complete with lifelines should you need them! With multiple rounds to test your knowledge of the mushroom world and the culture that surrounds them, this is your chance to showcase the depth and breadth of your knowledge of mushrooms! 

Jam Session & Chill with Artists Bonny, Udukku and XenKat

Unwind and jam with musical maestros Bonny, Udukku and XenKat as they blend together their unique musical styles with the rhythms of the forest!

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